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What could be better than offering someone you care about the GIFT OF HEALING.


My Reiki sessions offer a calming, relaxing and healing opportunity.  Excellent for stress, anxiety, depression and numerous physical symptoms or  illnessess.  This gentle and soothing therapy is perfect for bringing harmony and balance to the mind body and soul.


Block booking of 4 x 60 minute one to one sessions, or remote Distant Healing sessions for anywhere in the world!

Reiki Healing Therapy Gift Voucher 4 x 60 Minutes

  • Once a gift voucher is bought, it cannot be returned.

    Once a gift voucher has been purchased I will forward a digital copy to your email address.  The voucher will have a unique code on it and can only be used once.  The voucher must be emailed to me when booking a Reiki treatment.

    One to one Reiki treatments take place in Ruislip and I will forward the address once a booking has been made.

    Distance Healing can be carried out via Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp Video and therefore can be organised remotely and to anywhere in the world, as long as the other person has a computer, laptop or mobile phone.  Distant healing can be done remotely without connecting via technology if this is the preferred option but I will require a name and location.

    For any other information please email me direct.

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