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A Little Introduction...

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Hi everyone, I am really excited to be writing my first blog and hope to build a regular following who are just as interested as me in learning more about Reiki and crystal healing, as well as other alternative therapies available in the world today.

I would just like to point out early on that I am just a normal down to earth working mum, who likes a laugh, yearns for a holiday and loves being around family and friends. I just happen to have a BIG appetite for all things that are not the 'norm' because it's so interesting!

I have already explained a little about Reiki and crystal healing on the website, however, these are such vast subjects and the knowledge within these areas is constantly evolving, so my intention is to regularly write some engaging blogs that will be both informative, fun and at the same time give you some tips on how you can incorporate some of this healing and good fortune into your day to day life.

Happy reading!

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