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Crystal Clear Reiki


"I contacted Crystal Clear Reiki as I had been suffering with stress and anxiety and had heard and read about all the benefits of receiving Reiki.  I receive regular treatments from Debbie and can honestly say that I have had such a positive experience and feel that I have really benefited from my sessions, which have resulted in a much calmer and relaxed me."

Cathy, Pre-School Teacher


"This was my first experience of Reiki and Debbie quickly made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She was spot on with identifying specific areas of difficulty and I was impressed with how calming and intuitive she was. It’s definitely an experience I will be repeating and would highly recommend Crystal Clear Reiki to those both experienced and new to Reiki."

"I have had 5 sessions now with Debbie and just wow. This is my first experience receiving Reiki and it is truly amazing. I feel very relaxed and enjoy every moment. She spent time asking me questions about any aches and pains which in my case is sciatica. The sessions have definitely helped with physical and emotional blockages.
I can highly recommend Debbie and I will most definitely continue to see her on a regular basis."

Sue, Managing Director



Geri, Occupational Therapist



"I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and currently undergoing chemotherapy. I just wanted some relaxation if I'm honest but I got so much more. I felt an instant connection with Debbie.
The room is lovely, so relaxing and comfy. After each session I'm just so relaxed it's lovely.
I'm now on my fourth session and it has definitely helped with my side effects, I feel calmer in everyday situations, my sleep has been better. I would 100% recommend."

Nadine, Teaching Assistant


"I did not know what to expect from my first Reiki session but Debbie made me feel at ease and I definitely came out the other end feeling positive and calm. Debbie was also able to pick up problems I have been ignoring. Looking forward to my next session!


Update: Just completed all 4 sessions with Debbie and the results have been amazing. I feel I have my anxiety under control and definitely recommend doing the full 4 sessions as I felt a progressive improvement over the weekly sessions."

 Christina, Self Employed


"I went to Debbie for my first Reiki session as I had been dealing with a lot of stress and heavy emotions stemming from my past.  She took the time to get to know me and what I needed help with. I've always been a sceptic so I wasn't expecting much but from the first session I could feel a lot of energy moving inside of me and I felt an intense rush of emotions. At the end of the hour I felt so relaxed, at peace and full of love. It was as if I had meditated deeply for hours! I've since gone back for a few more sessions and I'm really enjoying the positive changes Reiki has made to my life."

Nafisa, Health Economist



"I went for my first Reiki session a couple of weeks ago and found the experience really relaxing. Debbie made me feel at ease from the start and it was absolutely fascinating to talk with her after the session about what she had found. Debbie aligned my chakras for me and, since the session, I have found a real sense of calmness and positivity in my thoughts which has been a welcome change. I would highly recommend her services!"

Lisa, Chartered Legal Executive


"Couldn't recommend anything more! I have just had my first reiki session with Debbie and I loved it. I didn't have any knowledge of reiki or know what to expect but, it has exceeded my expectations. Not only was it relaxing but it also cleared my head and made me feel so calm and light all day, Debbie made sure I felt comfortable and relaxed throughout the treatment. I felt very safe with her and trusting, I cannot wait to go back for more!"

 Alana, University Student


"I was going through a very stressful and anxious time in my life and had heard that Reiki was very effective in treating the symptoms of this.  The Reiki had an almost immediate affect, enabling me to cope better with various situations as they arose and improving my sleep patterns enormously. 

Debbie creates a calm, relaxing and nurturing environment for her Reiki treatments and I would certainly recommend her services."

Raj, Business Owner

South Ruislip


Distance Healing

"Such an incredible distance healing. It was everything I hoped for and much more.
Once the treatment started, Debbie's energy was felt immediately and was strong. I did not expect this as I was slightly sceptical of the possibility healing could be felt from afar.
Debbie began with a visualisation meditation and ended with a grounding visualisation. I was sent an email in advance clearly explaining how to gain the full benefits of her upcoming treatment which helped very much.
Debbie herself has a very soothing aura, in her tone of voice and friendly, welcoming manner.
I had clear feedback as to what Debbie felt in my body and mind and she offered a very helpful insight into my blockages. I clearly felt them being manipulated. Very strong emotions and physical sensations were felt by me. I couldn't believe it when she also picked out my joint pains in my knee!
I would thoroughly recommend her practice. You don't even have to be in the same room as her which is awesome.
Thank you Debbie.
I will certainly be coming back for more! 🤲💗"

Stella, Ward Clerk



"I have just had my first Reiki session with Debbie and I could not recommend it enough. She has such a gentle and friendly demeanour, I instantly felt at ease in her company. Debbie took the time to listen to what had brought me to her and also to introduce me to Reiki itself. The treatment was held in her garden treatment room which was private and relaxing, allowing me to have my much need moment of calm. I didn't want the session to finish. After the session we had time to discuss her findings and how they could reflect what is going on in my life currently. I am intrigued to see how the benefits of treatment affect me over the coming days."

Celia, Medical Advisor



"I cannot recommend Crystal Clear Reiki enough!  Ever since I had a car accident driving on the motorway has been a really big struggle for me anxiety wise.

I asked Debbie for some anxiety and stress crystals which she gave me and did Reiki on them for me personally and all I can say is WOW!!!

I went on a 1.5hr drive by myself on the M25 and I have not felt that calm since before the accident.  Each time I have driven on the motorway since then I have felt amazing instead of stressed and scared - these crystals have been a lifesaver!"

Pooja, Royalties Audit Assistant

South Harrow

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