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Reiki: Welcome


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." 

Nikola Tesla

What is Reiki?
Reiki heaing

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy."

One of the basic teachings of healing with Reiki is that we are more than our physical bodies. We also have an energy body made up of our aura (energy fields), the chakras (energy centres) and the meridians (energy pathways.) Like our physical body that takes in food to nourish it and give it energy, our energy body does the same.  The energy fields (Aura) take energy in, the energy centers (Chakras) break it down, and the energy pathways (Meridians) distribute it throughout the body.

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping with a variety of emotional and physical illnesses and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.  There is no belief system in Reiki therefore it works regardless of religious beliefs.

How Reiki Can Help

Reiki is a safe and soothing holistic treatment that can be used to aid a variety of symptoms and conditions in any one, including pregnant women, children and even animals.  We can all feel anxious and overwhelmed some times and this can be due to a variety of reasons.

Stress and Anxiety






Home Life




Money worries

Caring for a family member

During such times symptoms can be debilitating, emotionally as well as physically and can have a detrimental effect on home life as well as work.


A Reiki treatment can be extremely helpful during difficult times and can bring feelings of deep relaxation, promoting a calm, peaceful sense of wellbeing to help cope with the challenges of life.

Click on the following link to find out what treatments would be suitable for you.


"Debbie's treatment room was private and relaxing, allowing me to have my much needed moment of calm. I didn't want the session to finish. After, we had time to discuss her findings and how they could reflect what is going on in my life currently. I am intrigued to see how the benefits of treatment affect me over the coming days."

Celia, Medical Advisor Ruislip

Pink Petals

"Such an incredible distance healing.  It was everything I hoped for and much more.  Debbie's energy was felt immediately and was strong.  I did not expect this as was slightly sceptical of the possibility healing could be felt from afar!  I would thoroughly recommend her practice."

Stella, Hastings

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